What is Infrared Sauna Massage?

Better Living Centre’s massage treatment begins with the Abaton Far Infrared Thermal Massage Bed. This bed has incredible jade thermal massage rollers and a built in infrared sauna. The dome-shaped cover gently glides up to your shoulders to completely cover your body. (Your head is left out and does not get heated.) This completely surrounds you with radiant infrared heat. From the top of your neck to the bottom of your legs, the jade massage rollers produce far infrared heat that penetrates up to 2” into your muscles and spine. The massage bed rollers will travel the length of your body, deeply penetrating your muscles to help with pain relief, proper spinal alignment and flexibility in the spine. Designed specifically to contour to the shape of the human spine, these jade massage rollers present unparalleled benefits for the body. Moxibustion (acupressure with heat) produced by the jade rollers offers incredible health returns.

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