How To Get Into The Water Drinking Habit

  • Start your day with 2-4 glasses of water. Adding a fresh squeezed lemon is an added bonus
  • Set a timer to drink one glass every hour
  • Fill up a large container with eight glasses and tell yourself it has to be gone by the end of the day
  • Put eight elastics around your wrist and remove one every time you have one glassful of water
  • Invest in a good water bottle
  • Sometimes when we think we need a snack, all we need is water.
  • Take water with you wherever you go –don’t leave home without it!
  • Try to drink water separate from your meals. Drinking water with meals dilutes your digestive juice which delays the emptying of the stomach. This delay can contribute to such problems as heartburn and acid reflux. The basic rule is this: avoid drinking water less than 15 minutes before your meal, and wait one hour after a meal.
  • Download a water app to help you keep track…it’s that important!
  • Bathroom problem from all that water… give it some time…it will get better

Splish, Splash you should be having a bath…

Don’t forget the wonder of water on the outside of our bodies. Regular bathing or showering is absolutely essential for good health. The largest organ of the body, releases some of the body’s chemical waste products through its pores. Our skin not only excretes toxins and pollutants, it can absorb them. If oil excretions are not removed daily, the pores may become clogged. Water is nature’s cleanser to remove these impurities. A daily shower or bath, depending on the time of day and the temperature of the water, can also improve circulation, soothe the nerves, and aid in obtaining better sleep.

And don’t forget to wash your hands during the day to decrease germs entering your body.

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