Hydrotherapy Treatments

Contrast Foot Bath

contrast-food-bathAn excellent way to strengthen your immune system (and improve your circulation) is to treat your feet to a contrast foot bath. Contrast foot bathing is useful for: Chronic sinusitis, head congestion, pulmonary, pelvic and menstrual congestion, weak immune system, poor overall circulation, chronic cold feet, ‘tired legs’, sluggish metabolism, low blood pressure, sub-acute or chronic sprains or strains of the ankle or foot, congestive headaches (applied in conjunction with cold compresses at the back of the neck).

30 minutes

Russian Steam Bath

russian-steam-bathWith the Russian steam bath the body is surrounded by moist humid air. Because of this the heat is not lost by evaporation. Client remains in a seated position. Also includes a hot foot bath followed by cold mitten friction massage and 30 minutes of relaxation. This session is useful for rheumatoid arthritis, low blood pressure, onset of common cold and flu, to produce sweating (detox), and to produce a calming sedative effect.

1 hour

Ice Massage

Ice massage consists of rubbing a block of ice over a skin area for the purpose of deep cooling of tissues. Penetration of the cooling effect is facilitated by the decreased circulation. Useful for: painful joints, painful muscles (strain, sprain, inflammation of muscle tissue), painful soft tissues, neck and back pain. Great for tennis elbow.

5 –15 minutes

Salt Glow

A salt paste is applied as a vigorous skin scrub, stimulating the nervous system and circulation. By removing dead skin cells, the body’s largest organ is primed to function better, leaving your entire body with smoother complexion and a healthy glow. Also useful for chronic indigestion, diabetes, sluggish circulation, frequent colds, low blood pressure, general weakness and low endurance. Includes a hot foot bath and a shower, followed by an application of hypoallergenic, natural lotion.

30 minutes

Dry Brush Massage

Experience a gentle full body exfoliation with a soft bristle brush.
The therapist will also demonstrate a simple routine for home use for the clients to use for weekly rejuvenation and maintenance. Useful for increasing circulation andgeneral well-being. This therapy can be combined with Salt Glow or Paraffin.

15 minutes
(includes natural bristle brush)

Paraffin Therapy

paraffin-therapyLayers of heated therapeutic wax are applied to areas of chronic pain in conjunction with a massage treatment allowing your joints and muscles greater flexibility. Melted paraffin is applied to various joints affected by stiffness or arthritis such as the hands, feet, wrists or ankles. Also useful for sprains & strains and inflammation of a tendon.

30 – 60 minutes

Heating Compress

heating-compressA heating compress is the application of cold to a local area (throat, chest, abdomen, joint, etc. which causes a warming reaction. This warming effect is maintained by an immediate insulating covering applied over the cold application. The heating compress is left on for hours or overnight. Useful for: Bronchitis (acute and chronic) Pneumonia, Chest colds, Early stages of the flu, Cough, Chest tightness after a cold, Asthma, and Sore Throat, as well as achy joints.

15 to 20 minutes
(deposit required for materials)

Combination Hot Fomentation to the Chest and Abdomen

comination-therapyA hot fomentation is a powerful and effective water therapy. Applying a hot fomentation to these areas works wonders for chest colds, coughs, bronchitis, and lung congestion. It is also used for Insomnia, anxiety and nervousness, muscle tension, muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, nerve pain and joint pain. Includes hot foot bath and cold friction rub.

75 minutes

Hot Flash Tamer

hot-flash-tamerAlternating hot & cold therapy consisting of hot fomentations and cold compresses over the adrenal glands followed by tapotement massage. Treatment is given daily for 5 successive days.This treatment must be booked consecutively Monday to Friday.Includes a Healthy & Happy Menopause information sheet. Also helps with insomnia associated with menopause.

5 X 30 minutes Sessions

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