Indoor Air

Indoor air is depleted of negative ions.

There is a great lack of full-deep breaths. Breathing properly and getting oxygen into our red blood cells is of course essential for life. Oxygen is our greatest need. Well-oxygenated blood is an essential contributor to good health. Unfortunately because of our sit-down jobs and lifestyle, many of us are breathing very shallow. Shallow or poor breathing can contribute to many disorders. We need to learn to breathe deeply, and from the abdomen rather than from the chest, which produces short and shallow breathing. Learning this technique helps one to breathe in more oxygen, which then passes through the lungs and is absorbed into the bloodstream and into our bodies.

Oxygen is needed for…

  • Cellular Respiration
  • Cell metabolism
  • Proper brain function

Unfortunately most of us don’t use our lungs properly or at least to full capacity.


Benefits of deep breathing

  • increases lung capacity
  • increases energy levels
  • speeds the healing process of many disorders
  • helps to relieve anxiety, asthma symptoms, insomnia, and stress

What can we do to increase oxygen?

  • Sleep with your window open both winter and summer
  • Open the windows in your house each day for a while to let in oxygen especially in the winter when air in buildings gets heated which decreases the oxygen level
  • Exercise or go out of doors every day, even in winter
  • Take coffee breaks to go outside and breathe in some good deep breathes. Can’t go outside…stand up and spend 5 minutes taking in some long, slow, deep breaths
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