Infrafed Sauna Fees

The Far Infrared Sauna room is one of the Better Living Centre’s best kept secrets, but word is spreading fast! We have tried to make this a very inviting room and have provided for all of your needs while enjoying this peaceful, relaxing, healing session:

  • Private relaxing room
  • 4 different acupressure modes & massage functions programmed for your individual requirements
  • Towel provided
  • Gown Provided (or you may remain in your own clothes—advisable to bring a change of clothing)
  • Alkaline drinking water provided
  • Non-toxic shampoo, cream rinse & soap provided
  • Non-toxic lotion provided
  • Shower Cap Provided
  • Blow dryer provided

1 x 30 minutes session for $30
4 x 30 minute sessions for $99

(normally $120) for a limited time only; may be shared in families

Shower $5 extra

(recommended to remove toxins as soon as possible to obtain the most benefit)

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