Pay It Forward

The more that all of us participate in volunteer organizations and share our message, the more we’ll develop a world of which we can all be proud.

Being an advanced citizen means that you dedicate some of your time, your thoughts and your perspectives to a cause that you believe in. This may be something as simple as volunteering a few hours every month to visit with senior citizens in the local nursing home, perhaps becoming a mentor to a child, or becoming active in your local government. Whatever it may be for you, by making your feelings known, you shape the world for the future generations. Your ideas are more important than you may realize, so please participate in your local, provincial and national organizations, and add to the process with your own individual slant. The more that all of us do this, the more we’ll develop a world of which we can all be proud.


Each of us has a sphere of influence, a circle of friends and acquaintances who need to hear our message. Whether you decide to do something small or great, please accept your share of the responsibility for moving our society ahead. Take some of your energy, some of your time, some of your talents and pay them forward to the benefit of others. By helping others we heal ourselves. If we all invest our own special something, the net effect will be a happy, healthy, and better life for all of us.

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