The Wonders of Water

Why should we drink water?

  1. All functions are dependent on water. Unfortunately most of us overlook this very important aspect of our health and most of us are chronically dehydrated. More than 90% of our blood is water, our muscles are 75% water, the brain is 85% water, and our cells are 90% water. As a matter of fact how much water you drink affects how many nutrients are transported into your body cells, which in turn affects the efficiency of your cell activity. This is huge, as you have trillions of cells and lack of water affects your overall health.
  2. The body has four mechanisms to cleanse the body and help it get rid of toxins.
    • The Skin. The surface area of the human skin is 19.6 square feet. The perpspiratory ducts increase the skin’s surface area to 10,000 square feet.The skin uses two glasses of water per day.
    • The Lungs. The lungs bring in oxygen from outside the body to the air sacs. The lungs remove carbon dioxide from the air sacs to the bronchial passage, from where it is exhaled.
      Moving oxygen and carbon dioxide can only be done by dissolving them in a liquid medium which is water. The lungs use one glass of water per day.
    • The Bowels.The primary function of the bowels is to reabsorb fluids. Large amounts of water are needed for food fiber to be effective. The lining of our small intestines secretes almost two quarts (1,800 ml) of water daily. Saliva, gastric, and other digestive juices pour out freely. Most of this is rapidly reabsorbed. Only about ½ cup of water passes in the stool. The hard working lining of the small intestine, called the mucosa, is replaced every five days.
    • The Kidneys. The kidneys regulate body chemistry. The kidney uses six glasses of water per day.
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